Transfer Credit Approval Form

Approval of transfer of credits from other institutions is ultimately the responsibility of the Office of Registration and Academic Services, however, undergraduate students planning to take courses at other institutions need to have those courses evaluated for possible transfer credit by the department or program at Lehigh that offers comparable course credit. Students who fail to have their coursework at other institutions pre-approved for transfer credit run the risk of not receiving credit at Lehigh for those experiences. In addition, current Lehigh ungraduate students may not be concurrently enrolled at any other institution without prior permission from the Committee on the Standing of Students (SOS). Students should also be aware that even in cases where transfer credits are approved, course grades from other institutions will not be used as part of a student's GPA at Lehigh.

  • Pass/Fail courses are not acceptable for transfer.
  • Only courses for which the student received a final mark of “C” or higher will transfer. Courses for which the student received a final mark of “C-“or below will not transfer.
  • Students may receive credit at Lehigh equivalent to that which was granted as indicated on the transcript of the other college/university,  but only up to the number of credit hours earned at the other institution. For example, a History course compelted at another institution for 3 credit hours will only be granted 3 credit hours of transfer credits even if the comparable course at Lehigh is a 4 credit course.


  1. Complete a Transfer Credit Approval Form (download available below) for each course that you wish to transfer.
  2. Fill out the form and submit to the department or program from which you are seeking transfer credit approval. (Please note: Departmental recommendations are used to inform the Registrar’s decision, but the Registrar is the final authority for the university.)
  3. The department will review and if approved, will submit to the Office of Registration & Academic Services. 
  4. Enroll in the course and when completed, be sure to have a copy of your official transcript submitted to Registration & Academic Services to